Guttering and Roofs

MJL Cleaning can rid your entire home’s gutter system of debris, mould, old leaves and sludge easily and professionally. Gutters are an essential part of any domestic property because they protect sensitive parts of your home from rain run off. Gutter systems and roof valleys can easily become get clogged and so should be cleaned at least twice a year. Failure to get your gutters cleaned regularly can result in damage and leakage to roofs, rapid rotting of timbers or damage to uPVC, staining of walls and fascia boards. One of the biggest causes of flooded basements is water from clogged, hanging, or disconnected gutters, which pools at the foundation of the building. 

guttering cleaning

Avoid these problems and the associated hefty repair bill that comes with them by having your gutters cleaned by MJL Cleaning. We have specialist access equipment which means that we can do the job safely and effectively and taking away all of the associated mess.

With our wide range of specialist jet washing equipment we can also ensure that gutters and exterior walls are left in sparkling condition – as good as new.

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We carry out roof and guttering cleaning in: Portsmouth | Waterlooville | Rowlands Castle | Petersfield | Havant.