Are you at risk of blocked gutters this winter?

Blocked gutters can lead to real damage to your home. It is that time of year again when, if you haven’t already done it, you should pop out and check your gutters and get them ready for the winter.

After the lovely summer, we have had, a lot of moss that was on rooftops has fallen off, most of it making its way into our guttering system. In addition, we’ve already seen quite a lot of leaf fall and this is adding to the obstructions in our gutters. Last winter saw over a foot of rainfall and we can expect similar levels this year.

We all know that if the gutters aren’t cleared and the moss and leaf mulch removed, then the water might not flow away as intended. Blocked gutters will see runoff water will spilling over, down a wall or over woodwork causing unpleasant staining, rotting timber or damage to masonry and brickwork. Gutter clearance is just one of those jobs that are difficult to do safely without the correct equipment and so often, it simply doesn’t get done. However, this is truly a case where the old adage that a ‘stitch in time saves nine’ applies.

At MJL Cleaning we have the right equipment to make it a straightforward job for us to remove blocked gutter material from the safety of the ground. This means we can keep the cost down and not cause any unwanted damage by using ladders against the side of your property.

Gutter clearance costs start from as little as £30, if you live in Waterlooville, Petersfield, Portsmouth or Havant. Whether you live close by or further afield and would your gutters cleared in readiness for the winter or would like some advice, please give us a call and arrange a quote.

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